TealSafe 1.60

Data protector featuring 128-bit encryption


  • Editable categories
  • Category icons
  • Random password generator


  • You still need to remember the master password!

Very good

With data theft constantly on the rise it's becoming increasingly important to guard your personal information in a safe place.

Rather than writing everything on a piece of paper and hiding it somewhere in your house, why not use your PDA to do the job for you? TealSafe is designed to provide you with the tools to do just that, offering a safe haven for your bank details, web log-ins, credit card details, frequent flyer info and personal contacts.

The software provides a comprehensive infrastructure for storing information, using powerful 128-bit encryption to make it very difficult for anyone to hack into your details. The interface is arranged into a series of categories, each representing a different type of data, such as Bank Information, Calling Card list, Security Keys, Software Key list, etc.

The input forms for each category are nicely tailored to suit the type of information you're likely to store in it. Each comes with a neat little icon and you can even edit the categories and create your own. In order to access all your secret data you need to choose a master password for TealSafe, so make sure you don't forget this one, or you're screwed!

Overall, TealSafe makes for a reliable place to store your data securely.

Store your passwords, credit cards, PIN numbers, and bank accounts in the TealSafe data wallet.

A personal encrypted data vault and wallet, TealSafe is the perfect place to safely and securely store and organize all your private, identifying, and financial information.

TealSafe is ideal for storing computer passwords, credit card numbers, calling cards, software registration codes, PIN numbers, bank accounts, business contacts, journal entries, or any other data you'd rather keep away from prying eyes.

TealSafe supports 128-bit encryption, multi-level passwords, selectable icons and layouts, categories, private entries, find function, memopad CSV export, and exclusive list-based data stores. TealSafe is PalmOS 5 compatible, and supports both Sony and Palm full screen and landscape (rotated display) modes.



TealSafe 1.60

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